The Common Types of Skydiving

You have probably heard about skydiving. Do you know about the many types of skydiving you can enjoy? Below are the various types of skydiving:

Tandem Skydiving

This is the most common choice, especially among first-time skydivers. In this form of skydiving, the tandem student is attached to a tandem skydiving instructor. The instructor will operate the equipment while the student relaxes and has a great time.

Accelerate Freefall

This is the most efficient and reliable way to learn skydiving. Skydivers get a chance to learn how to fly their bodies, deploy their parachutes, and fly them to earth. Players also learn about what to do in case things do not go as planned.


This form of skydiving is known as squirrel suits because it makes you look like a flying squirrel. With wingsuits, you will spend more time in the air and travel more horizontally instead of falling straight down.

Formation Skydiving

This skydiving involves falling in a belly-to-earth position just like in tandem skydiving, only without an instructor. Skydivers often create formations and shapes by holding each other’s arms or legs because Formation skydiving is what most people graduate to after learning the accelerated freefall.

Free Flying

This is where a skydiver learns to fly on all axes and in all orientations and not just belly to earth. This means that you will fly in standing positions, while seated, or head up. You can fly around or engage in impressive displays.


This type of skydiving entails opening the parachute immediately after leaving the aircraft. CRW jumpers fly unique parachutes that are different from those of regular skydivers.

With so many skydiving options, there is something for everyone.