Skydiving wear

Deciding what to wear when skydiving might sound a little ridiculous, but you really should think very carefully about your outfit. Yes, you will be wearing a jumpsuit, but what do you put on underneath it?

Why wear bike shorts?

Under your jumpsuit needs to be clothing that is comfortable. You should also remember that you will be wearing a harness which may be uncomfortable, One way to avoid chafing from the harness around the leg area would be to wear bike shorts. If you wore bike shorts you are also layering up on the clothing which can keep you warm without the bulk of tracksuit bottoms or jeans.

What else might be suitable?

You can also consider wearing leggings or yoga pants, they can offer the same protection to the top of the thighs as bike shorts can, but will also cover the legs, so if you are skydiving on a colder day you know you can keep the chill off.

After flight

You should also consider what you will be doing after you enjoy your skydive. Will you be going to a local pub or restaurant afterwards for a celebratory meal? If yes, you might want to wear something that is easy to change in and out of. If you wear bike shorts under your jumpsuit, then they will also be comfortable under trousers or a dress for a casual dining experience later in the day.


If you are doing a skydive for charity, then they might send you a free t-shirt to wear under your jumpsuit. If they do, then you should show it off every chance you get. Be proud of yoru acheivement, jumping out of a plane is not an easy thing to do, and to do it for the benefit of others is commendable.

Your charity top will pair lovely with your bike shorts, you can wear it out shopping, going for a run, or simply to relax in around the home or in the garden. Comfort is key, whether you are doing housework or a charity skydive, make sure you are wearing clothing that you feel good in.