Skydiving Attire: What to Wear When Skydiving

When making your first skydive, you should prepare for the most exciting time of your life. For a fun and safe skydive, you need the proper attire. Your clothing should be comfortable and loose-fitting. Skydiving is a sport, and just like in other sports, you should wear light layers to enhance flexibility. Preferably, leave your accessories and jewelry at home. Below is a comprehensive guide on what to wear while skydiving:

Flat-soled Shoes or Sneakers

When you skydive, flat-soled shoes or sneakers are ideal. You will have to change your shoes in most skydiving centers if you walk in with heels, flip-flops, or sandals. Sneakers are the ideal shoes for landing because they protect your feet and slide effortlessly across the ground. Ensure that you bring the right shoe for the big day.

Leave the Valuables Behind

If you can’t afford to live without a particular item, you should probably leave it behind during your skydive adventure. Do not wear your valuable jewelry pieces, including rings, necklaces, earrings, and expensive glasses. You should leave your valuables at home or in the car. You might end up losing the valuables when jumping many feet off the plane.

Loose and Comfortable Clothing

You can wear pretty anything you want while skydiving but you should choose the proper clothing. When you wear active clothing, you will be more comfortable in your harness, making it easy for you to arch more freely unlike when wearing a pair of jeans or a suit and tie.

Contacts or Glasses

While skydiving, contacts are a much better choice than glasses. Unlike glasses that might fall off during a free fall, you will rarely lose your contact lenses. However, you should bring an extra pair of contacts, just in case. You can opt to wear goggles that fit over your glasses, but you need to secure them in place.


You might have noticed that most jumpers, especially the licensed ones, wear jumpsuits. A jumpsuit not only protects your clothes from damage but also makes you look like a pro. While skydiving, it is common to get grass stains, tears and rips on your clothes. Wearing a jumpsuit will help protect your clothes and maintain a professional image.

Wear Your Smile!

Skydiving is a fun and thrilling experience; you should wear your smile. You should ensure that you have the time of your life as you take videos to share with family and friends. There is nothing better than a smile on your face in all your skydiving photos and videos.