Skydive in comfort

Skydiving and comfort might not be two words you would think to put together in a sentence, but it is important when you are throwing yourself out of a plane that you are comfortable whilst doing it. Considering what you wear is important.

The Training

Before you actually go up in a plane you will need to do a little training. The best thing to wear for this is gym clothing, because it moves well with your body and is form fitting. You are able to move unencumbered by bulky clothing, so practicing your landing on mats will be easy.

The Jump

When you make the jump you will be wearing a jumpsuit. This will be provided to you by the skydiving team. What you wear underneath is important. Again, nothing bulky underneath, gymwear, like yoga pants are perfect. You might think that it will be cold in the air and a sweater would be a great idea, but it wouldn’t. The freedom to move, to pull the rip cord easily, and your secondary chute in an emergency is key to a safe drop and landing.

If you are doing a tandem jump, as in, you have an experienced skydiver attached to you via a harness for the duration if the fall, then if you are wearing anything too bulking that is just adding to the discomfort. the harness with the parachute attached needs to fit snugly to you so there is no risk of it coming lose mid descent, wearing gym clothing will ensure you have a snug fit.

The Landing

When landing you need to think about your footwear. Gym clothing like trainers or pumps are the most practical option and your instructors should be able to guide you through this during your training. You need something that will cushion the landing and that will not fall off mid-flight! You can risk injury if you wear anything that is not supportive, such as flip-flop style sandals or standard shoes. You don’t want a memento of your day to be a brooken ankle.

After the Landing

After you land you may want to go out for a few congratulatory drinks with the rest of the people who jumped that day, or just for a quiet meal with friends, Either way, you want to be sure that what you are wearing is appropriate.

If you choose gym clothing, such as leggings and T-shirt, they are lightweight and portable. This means you can easily carry a change of clothing with you so that you have something clean and fresh to wear after you land. It is a style that is both relaxed and casual, while still looking tidy enough to be allowed into any bar, and most restaurants.

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