Sky Diving Conditions Impact the Experience

High-flying sky diving action is not just about the rush. Businesses must take extra precautions to ensure the customers who dive from planes are protected. Successful enterprises find a balance between providing a fun experience and ensuring a safe one. Sky diving organizations rely heavily on vendors and staff to maintain order from jump to jump. Some use contract management software to outline obligations and responsibilities. Here are four agreements a sky diving company may sign during the course of business.


In order to run a successful sky diving business, owners rely on airplane pilots, skydiving instructors, and administrative personnel. Employment contracts clearly define all conditions of employment, such as common employee expectations, benefits, and nondisclosure clauses. It may also outline terms of dispute resolutions and the number of employee absences allowed during an annual term.

Limitation of Liability

Sky diving is not as risky as it looks. Divers transition to a low point in the earth’s atmosphere from a high point with the assistance of gravity and a parachute. Out of millions of sky dives yearly less than 3,000 people are injured and fewer than 15 die. Although the tragedies are not as high as one might believe, there is still risk involved with jumping out of an airplane. As a result, some companies may require divers to sign an agreement, which limits or waives liability. A clause limiting liability specifies the type of damages and the amount of compensation expected in case of an adverse event.


Equipment manufacturers provide a wide range of sky diving and safety equipment for new divers and seasoned professionals. From parachutes to goggles, companies stock up to meet the growing demand from consumers. Since parachuting equipment must meet high safety standards, a company may sign an agreement with the suppliers stipulating the quality condition of products and remedies.


Contractor agreements are different from employment contracts. An independent worker may require his own insurance to protect the company. By spelling out the terms in a written agreement, contractors and companies arrange the type and length of a project, as well as payment details. Supplementing full-time staff with contract workers gives a sky diving company the flexibility to hire highly experienced professionals without maintaining a large payroll obligation.

By clearly defining contract parameters with contract management software, sky diving business owners create seamless interactions between customers, employees, and contract staff. Each stakeholder is aware if his responsibilities, which opens the door for clients to enjoy fantastic, safe, and fun sky diving experiences.